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Jay has spent over 30 years in the world of health, wellness, and personal growth.


Challenged with allergies, asthma, and depression in childhood he began an early journey to figure out how he could feel better.


What started as an interest to improve his physical health, became an even deeper passion to heal old, negative programming on an emotional and spiritual level.


Over the past few years, Jay’s purpose became even more clear. After attending a small Breathwork class where he had a life-changing and out of body experience, he knew that he had found something beyond important! Knowing that if he could literally release a lifetime of pain and grief in one session, what could this do for others?


He has since trained with some of the top Breathwork teachers and has gone on to share this incredible healing modality with thousands of people both privately and in groups. 


The ChakraBalms® were created to amplify people’s spiritual experience and to help others create a special, consistent practice at home using the power of aromatherapy and essential oils. Jay uses them in his own Breathwork practice and while working with clients to help ignite the Chakras for a powerful spiritual and emotional experience.


Along with Breathwork, Jay incorporates his healing training as a certified wellness coach, Reiki master, and hypnotist.

More about Jay and his Breathwork at

Check out Jay's journey on this Verizon Docuseries "Holistic Home" - CLICK HERE

"LOVE my Chakra Balms! Heavenly Scents…SO soothing!
My clients love them too! Thank you, dear Jay…SO grateful 4 you in my life!"

Elvira V. 
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